Maxine Nienow believes deeply in the transformative nature of art. Her goal is to be a creative channel through which you can fully express yourself or your brand.

Maxine provides a full service production experience tailored to you. From the creative consultation that begins the process to the final post-production enhancements, she will guide you every step of the way. Maxine will help you with concepts,  wardrobe, styling, hair, makeup and everything involved in creating beautiful custom images.

Whether you are looking for an image that will edify a moment that lasts forever, creative imagery inspired by your brand, a family portrait, or a headshot, you’ll receive not just an image, but an artwork that represents you or your brand.

Growing up, Maxine was inspired by her grandmother who devoted her life to building community through art. At the age of four, her Abuelita taught Maxine to paint and she’s been exploring how the magic of art can change lives ever since.  

Don't be shy, contact her for a free consultation.